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Qualifications of the Appraiser

PROFESSIONAL                      :        State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser Texas Certificate #TX-1323619-G;
                                                            State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser Oklahoma Certificate # 13148CGA;

BUSINESS ADDRESS             :       PO Box 471623
                                                            Fort Worth, Texas 76147
                                                            (817) 336-1223

FORMAL EDUCATION           :           Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas

GENERAL EDUCATION         :           Real Estate/Appraisal Classes Completed:

                                                            !           Principals of Real Estate Appraisal;
                                                            !           Fundamentals of Rural Appraisal;
                                                            !           Standards of Professional Practice and Ethics;
                                                            !           Report Writing;
                                                            !           Eminent Domain;
                                                            !           Advanced Rural Appraisal;
                                                            !           Capitalization Theory and Techniques,
                                                                             Part A and Part B;
                                                            !           Environmental Liabilities  and Risk Management in Real Estate;
                                                            !           Environmental Phase I Site Assessment Course - Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service;
                                                            !           Environmental Phase II Course - Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service;

EMPLOYMENT                       :         Currently owner of John L. Lewis & Co.
                                                            12/91 to 1/2016 - Integra Realty Resources DFW LLP
                                                            12/83 to 12/91 - Appraiser with Dyess, Jones & Loughry
                                                            1/81 to 12/83 - Appraiser with Kenneth L. Huffman, MAI
                                                            5/76 to 1/81 - Self Employed Petroleum Landman
                                                            6/72 to 5/76 - Self Employed Real Estate Broker

ACTIVITIES                            :          Licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Texas;
                                                            Certified General Real Estate Appraiser in Texas
                                                            Certified General Real Estate Appraisers in Oklahoma
                                                            Creator and instructor of "Marketing of Farms and Ranches" for the Fort Worth ISD, a State of Texas

                                                            approved adult education real estate class for broker license candidates;