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Prior Valuation Assignments

   The following is a sample of ranch appraisals completed by John Lewis.

       Mesa Vista Ranch, Roberts County, Texas – 64,800 acres
       Kokernot o6 Ranch, Brewster and Jeff Davis Counties, TX - 108,000 acres
       Rosewood Ranches; 3 different ranch properties in Texas
       Robinson Creek Ranch, Hood County, TX – 1,594 acres
       Marvine Ranch, Parker County, TX, Horse Training Facility – 295 acres
       Kasper Ranch, Johnson County, Texas – 2,100 acres
       Southport Ranch, Harmon and Beckham Counties, OK – 16,482 acres
       Four Star Ranch, Parker County, Texas – 908 acres
       Petty Ranch, Shackelford and Haskell Counties, Texas – 1,590 acres
       Big L Ranch, Childress, Texas – 44,000 acres
       6666 on the Brazos, Hood County, Texas - 2,900 acres
       Bluff Dale Ranch, Erath County, Texas - 4,102 acres
       Brown Ranch, Parker County, Texas – 1,560 acres
       Greystone Castle Sporting Club, Erath County, Texas - 3,900 acres
       Waggoner Ranch, Red River County, Texas - 5,384 acres
       Big O Ranch, Mills County, Texas – 1,770 acres
       Boswell Ranch, Parker County, Texas – 2,035 acres
       Walsh North Star Ranch, Tarrant, Parker, and Wise Counties, - 7,500 acres
       Walsh Lenoir Ranch, Falls County, Texas - 1,585 acres
       Hyder Ranch, Johnson County, Texas – 1,023 acres
       Indian Springs Ranch, Parker County, Texas - 1,018 acres
       Walsh Cresson Ranch, Hood County, Texas - 2,000 acres
       Erath County Ranch, Erath County, Texas - 3,000 acres
       Haywire Ranch, Tarrant County, Texas - 1,364 acres
       Raymond Buck Ranch, Parker County, Texas – 814 acres
       XO Ranch, Palo Pinto County, Texas – 5,531 acres
       Lazy D Ranch, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma - 3,931 acres
       Lazy E Ranch and race horse training and breeding facility, Guthrie, OK
       Lazy E Ranch, McLennan County, Texas - 1,246 acres
       Rall Ranch, Tarrant County, Texas - 1,175 acres
       D Bar 6 Ranch, Hood County, Texas – 878 acres
       DLR Horse Training and Breeding Facility, Parker County, Texas 208 acres
       Big L Ranch, Erath County, Texas - 4,000 acres
       Boy Scouts of America – 7 properties on Lake Bridgeport, Wise County, Texas
       Boy Scouts of America – 349 acres on Lake Granbury, Hood County, Texas
       Texas Christian University – Comanche County, Texas - 919 acres
       Rocky Creek Ranch – 1,744 acres on Lake Benbrook, Tarrant County, Texas
       Flores Ranch, Stephens County, Texas – 1,597 acres
       King Ranch, Johnson County, Texas - 2,000 acres
       Allen-Ritchie Ranch, Palo Pinto County, Texas - 3,870 acres
       Pallmeyer Ranch – 1,300 acres on Lake Granbury, Hood County, Texas
       Cross L Ranch, Hudspeth County, Texas – 48,692 acres
       Christmas Ranch – 20,000 acres in Northeast New Mexico
       Batterson Ranch, Presidio County, Texas – 18,000 acres
       Bandera Mesa Ranch – 14,000 acres, Presidio County, Texas
       Slaughter Farms, Hockley and Cochran Counties, Texas – 4,200 acres
       Nine Point Mesa Ranch, Brewster County, Texas - 26,240 acres
       Chisholm Trail Ranch – Bosque County, Texas 3,500 acres